Thursday, July 15, 2010

When There Is No Baseball To Talk About......

...there's always violence. What the fuck else can we talk about, trades? That shit is some serious speculative bullshit until the deal goes down. Yes, I know there is talk about Jayson Werth getting bounced for a Yankees starter and yes, I know the Phils should be trying to get Ty Wiggington to add a solid middle-infielder to the bench. If we can trade Werth now while we can still get something for him from a team he's probably gonna be on next year anyway then so be it. Fucked if it's actually gonna happen though. Word is that Werth would've gone for Javier Vasquez, effectively the Yank's Kyle Kendrick rotation-wise. He boasts a 149-146 career record along with a 4.21 lifetime ERA. I'm not swapping The Rooster for this kind of product. Anyone other than Phil Hughes is a waste of time but I know that ain't happening. I'm actually quite level-headed. Oh fuck this, you see.... Let's look take a look at some of my favorite fights and bone breaks to get the blood pumping after enduring the hustle-less ballbag fest that divides the season.

Let's start with some Aussie rules. This first video up is of Fremantle Docker, Michael Barlow. Two weeks ago Little Mikey's spectacular rookie season was brought to a shattering halt as his leg collided with the head one of his team mates and, uh....yeah. This is fucked.

You like that? That's fiddle-sticks compared to this Nathan Brown boo-boo. This shit seriously makes me want to vomit.

Alright, alright, let's lighten the mood with a good fight. This is just a quick one from last year's Phils/Yanks WS. If the Yanks took home the trophy their fans sure took home something else. Notice the first puch is thrown by a man in a black Phils hat and then he takes brother-man in the Yanks coat down to pwn-twn.

Who could forget this achievement. I was actually at this game in Flushing. The Phils lost but we all won.

Now let's relax, take a deep breath and get fucking centered before going about the rest of our day....

Moyer's got mound @ Wrigley 8:05 EST. He's also got sack. Fuck the new york and remember... a thin paint will stick to a thick paint. See you fruits tomorrow!!!


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