Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Big Sharkey Show's 2010 All-Star Game Crap-Up

                             "You guys want Lidge back, Mikey?"

Man, F's, I love a good comedy. Films, TV shows, records; really any medium will do. When I turned the All-Star Game on yesterday to the sight and sound of Alex Rodriguez being vehemently booed by the packed house at Angels Stadium as he was being introduced brought out a hardy laugh from within. The laughs continued as they introduce the rest of the Yanks with the same warm welcome in crowd response. Those little piggies are sure loved by baseball fans, I'll tell you.

But the truest moment of comedic genius came only 4 commercial breaks later though, just after the chick from Glee in the size-to-small-AL jersey sang some stupid fucking song. The house was called upon to observe a moment of silence for the recently deceased Yankees owner, George Steinbrenner. Seconds after the hush fell over the crowd a tiny little voice was heard far in the distance. It was the sound of a disrespectful little asshole screaming some unintelligible words of hatred for the fallen man from some far away vantage point. It's definitely something I would've done like 8 years ago. This promptly a few more assholes to chime in. This where the real comedy kicks in. They immediately cut to a shit of C.C. Sabathia holding back some hardy chuckles and failing! Shit, I almost spilled my International Roast all over the bed of my 95 dollar Hot-Deals Hotel room. The guy just died, gets bagged out by some random jerk-offs in the stands and here is the ace of the Yank's pitching staff yuck-yucking away. Class.

You really could've turned it off after that little moment in time. A 3-1 NL win (finally) with the only runs scored on a Brian McCann double. Next. I don't need to watch this chubby jizz-jar hitting anymore than I already do. At least Roy Halladay and my boy Clifton Lee walked away with a clean frame each and Chollie Fucking Manuel lead the National to it's first win since '96. That game was won by the NL at the fucking Vet. Aside from that really  you could've spent those 3 hours talking to the rug. I love the ALG  but this was just a weak display. Fuck pitching dominance, I get to see that every 5 starts.

Here's something I saw today that was much more interesting and only took up 30 seconds of my day:

The boys got one more night off before they start a 4 game stint at Wrigley. LawnMoyer Man got banged up in his last start so I know he's out for blood in the series opener. At least some plasma. Until next time, my dear loving Followers, fuck new york and keep on rocking in the free world, brother!


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