Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 5 2010 PHI v ATL Game 1. Roy Being Roy

Fuck yes, Followers. Finally Roy Halladay lays down the law strong enough to gag ESPN and all the other befuddled detractors for at least 5 fucking minutes. If I have to hear terms like "uncharacteristic struggles" or "Very Un-Halladay-like" in reference to The Death Dealer anymore this month I swear to fucking Paul Hogan that I'm gonna club a fucking Joey to death. If Greg Dobbs hadn't of hit that "uncharacteristic" 2-run homer all the fucking praise and adulation would take a very different tone to what's being bandied about on Sportscenter. He still would've pitched a CG in 93 fucking pitches and he still would be working with dick in the run support department and he still only would've thrown 1 bad pitch to Chipper Jones. That's what he do and he do it well. He's Roy HallaFuckingDay.

With last night's 3-1 win over Derek Lowe and the knaves the Phils have brought it one step closer to respectablity.We still did fuck-allin offensively but that could be atributed to a string performance of Lowe. I can't lie, he does toss good albeit for a deplorable group of mongo-babies. Mongo-babies on a fucking tear that was curtailed for at least 2-and-a-half hours last night. Both teams were stymied, it was just a wish and wait for the pitcher to fuck up kind of game. 

How about Greg Fucking Dobbs!? I don't get to add the Fucking to his name very often, Followers, as I'm sure you now gather from previous posts that that dubious honour is set aside strictly for the sickest of sick cunts. Who could've pegged this one? The majorly shiteating Dobbs gets dropped to Triple-A a month ago and now he's the fucking Hero Of The Day with his go-ahead 2 run gonzer into the ragers in right. My mom thinks he needs more at-bats to get his 2008 form back. What the fuck does she know? She's probably right......

Hey check out the next promotional t-shirt giveaway scheduled for Turner Field! Braves fans get what Braves fans want! Jealous.

Tonight Cole Hamels has a chance to be a fucking CHAMPION again. He faces off with the recently returned Jair Jurrjens and has a lot of baggage for his bellhop to releive him of. He's been sharp through the tough times of May and June with little to show for it and could really use this W. Fuck, we all could use this W. Let's hope that bad inning has a date in Flushing tonight.

Until the good or the bad, F's, fuck new york and keep on searchin.


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  1. Fingers crossed. This series will define this team.