Friday, July 23, 2010

July 22 2010 PHI v STL Game 4. When Coley Met Polly

After yesterday's 2-0 fucken a' victory over the Cards, I was talking with my pal John from Utley's Corner about this extra-inning wins situtation. He was cocerned about how these ragin wins never manifest into a killing spree but never do and the fire just fizzles. I don't exactly agree with him but I can see his frustration coupled with the offensive woes in these games. Take the fucking Reds series just before the break. We beat them 3 straight in extras with a a combines run effort of 13. Each game you could feel the tension more than the previous night and things seem to build upon that energy. But in the last game of that series, if Hamels hadn't blanked the Reds, the momentum would've gone straight up our ass because were weren't hitting. The All-Star break put the kabosh on any momentum anyway but I can still understand John's concern. I feel it, too. We're relying too heavily on pitching as if a 1 run game should be the normal output for a starting pitcher. Take yesterday's game as a perfect example.

Yesterdays game was a fucking grueling slogfuck that ended in a triumphant manner with Polanco's 11 inning homer and Rooster's RBI double but still the question to be answered is where was the fucking bat all game? The Cards starter, Adam Wainwright ,was taken out in the 6th inning. Surely we could've pounced on their bullpen in the framing 3 frames but we didn't. It took us 11 inning to get to their pen before they could get to ours. You fucking know who's on our team, right? You see the Lumber Barons going dormant, right? Where the fuck does that leave Cole? He 1 hit the fucking Cardinals for 8 inning and we had 9 hits by the time he was taken out. What the fuck, how come that doesn't translate into runs? If Cole hadn't of been acing motherfuckers (7K, 5 were the furst 5 Cards batters of the game) where they fuck would that leave us after 8 innings? Is he now responisble for the entire game being played on our part? If he doesn't blank a team or at the most give up 1 run is that a poor start?

Yesterday Joe Blanton held us to 2 runs into the 7th inning like he always does. Where the fuck was the big hit then? I know I'm hard on the Big Fella (maybe a little too hard) for being a horse that can't finish the race but still Ryan Howard or Polly or ONE BIG HIT can't do it all. Blanton goes 7 and no more so the Pounce On The Opposing Bullpen Trick doesn't work when he's starting. We can't just rely on wearing out the opposing pitching in a duel situation and then striking on a weaken bullpen, we have to fucking get back that strike-early-and-often fucking mojo we had last year and fucking stick it up starts asses early and often. Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren will only stave off that problem. I know I get frustrated when the starter gives up a bundle of runs but I even find myslef getting peaved when they only give up 2 or 3 behind no support. It's just the fucking season conditioning me. It sucks. We need to simply hit the ball more. We gotta step it up, boys and support the ptichers we got with them big lumber things! Remember who we are...

Maybe that's why Milt Thompson just got fired and replaced by Greg Fucking Gross. I remember Greg back in the 80's when he played with my favs like Ricky Jordan, Schmitty and Dickie Thon. In fact on a fine day in June, 1987, Greg Gross shoved a no-hitter straight up the vagina of Met's Ron Darling with a pinch hit lead-off triple the 8th inning. I'll take this dude. Sorry Milt, I'll miss ya but someones gonna have to take the fall for the offense. Sucks that it's you, my man.

Staffer Snotty Alberts also reminds us that Greg Gross had the uncanny ability to somehow never strike out or at least strike out very little. Maybe that's why he's the man for the job and if we can't trade Werth before deadline this could come in very fucking handy.

I'm sorry but you're going to have to indulge my inner-Beavis And Butthead for the next 17 seconds. My ears danced in pre-pubescent glee as I caught this exchange between St. Louis commentators Al Hrabrosky and Dan McLaughlin (I get the home feed whenever a game is shown on tv down here) on the topic of a certain Whitey Herzog and Gary Templeton incident.

So we steal one from the Cards before they do and get another fucking Picasso from Cole Halems. Fuck it, a win's a win. I don't fucking care how it happens. Go Fightin's and let's fucking stick it up the Rockies' ass. Fuck John Denver.

Doc's on tonight to avenge is own honor. Last time Halladay faced his town boys he got a no decision after 7 innings of work. Something tells me he's gonna be out for blood. Fuck new york and oh yeah, we're in second place now! Fuck new york again!


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  1. I take back every awful thing I've said about Cole Hamels for the past year and a half.