Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 23 2010 PHI v COL Game 1. More Like Coors Light

Well that was a fucking nice little show we got last night, Followers, the type of play we've been missing round these parts. A 6-0 blanking of the Rockies at the hands of Death Dealer Halladay for his 11th W coupled with the offensive coma awakening of The Raul, a true domination of the expansion prayer group! Doc went 8, K'd 9 and gave up not shit. Raul got the cock out to drive in 3 RBIs and Ross Fucking Gload aka Gloss Fucking Load got some serious long-ball face time with a 3-run jack, his 4th of the year, on our quest for vengeance of the last time Roy-Boy got a no decision from his hometown representatives. That John Denver is full of shit!.

Shane Victorino gets the Team Player of the Fucking Year award for electing to bench himself for the start of yesterday's game. His reasoning being that he hasn't done shit off Rockies starter Adam Cook in past performances so he let Big Bad Bundy, Ross Gload start in Right moving Jayson Werth to center field. The genius of this move paid massive dividends as Ross Gload sent a mean 3-run load into the Phil's bullpen during a 5 run 5th inning effectively knocking Cookie on his ass and allowing Victorino to la the remaining innings.

The only issue I will be a hard-on about in regards to last night is the hitting with RSP nightmare that could've bit us in the ass had the balls not started to fly in the 5th. We stranded 6 runners in scoring position in the first 4 innings, got our knocks, but then stranded the bases fucking loaded again in the bottom 7th. My only concern is with this is that sometimes 6 runs just ain't gonna hold a team like Colorado down, especially when Halladay isn't pitching. Flushing those runs down the toilet with someone like Kendrick, who's due to start tonight, or someone like Herndon or Baez in relief who've been less consistent lately could've seriously come back to haunt us up the ass. I'm not going to stress on the back of a win and I'm sure the great Greg Gross has all the answers anyway so fuck it. Great game!

I went to the Canberra Raiders game tonight, Followers. We easily bashed those cunts the Cronulla Sharks 20-13 in an epic battle of strength, endurance and force. . That's 3 in a fucking row for the Green Machine! I took this video to illustrate the common high-brow prowess of us Raiders supporters on the horizon of an impending victory! We are very sportsmanlike.

During the Raiders game they play their theme song "The Bad and Mean, Green Machine" maybe 45 times throughout out the event. We green-eyed supporters know it like "Waltzing Matilda" or fucken "We Can't Be Beaten" by those sick cunts Rose Tattoo. 

This afternoon is looking like a challenge with the soft-spoken Ubaldo-headed hoes Jimenez on the mound for the Rockies.He's got some good record or some shit. He's no fucking match for the formidable Kyle Kendrick! Until tomorrow my loyal F's fuck new york and GO YOU RAIDERS!!!!!


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