Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 7 2010 PHI v ATL Game 3. A Letter To Shane

During last night's 5-7 butt-fucking that we received by the Knaves, Shane Victorino received some verbal upbraiding from spectators in attendance. They were not very happy with the way Shane and the rest of the team had been playing the game. Afterwards, he opened up and let his feelings be known:

"Quick to forget what happened the last two years, you know? That's the thing that frustrates me more than anything, listening to that kind of stuff. They're quick to forget what we've done the last two years. When I hear things like that, it eats me. OK. I see. Jimmy [Rollins] used that word. I'm not going to use it (front-runners), but you know what I'm talking about."

"It's tough right now. We've got to find a way to figure this out. There's no reason to panic or throw in the towel. We can't panic. If we panic, we're just going to add pressure to ourselves."

"If I'm a fan of a team and they're not doing good, I get frustrated, too,"But don't throw in the towel. Get behind us. Find a way to get behind us and pick us up. We need them. That's what this game is about. It's not just us. The atmosphere that they've created, it's been awesome. They're still coming out, even though we are struggling. But to hear those things, it's like, 'Oh, really?' It's frustrating when you hear those things from your own fans.

"Don't forget what we've done here. We're not giving up. Comments like that ... they're thinking that we're done. I think that's what I'm trying to get at. Stick behind us. We're going to keep playing. We're going to keep plugging along. We're not done."


We were born into this. We were here years before you and we'll be here here for years after you leave. We are Philadelphians and we reserve the right to let you know when you, our beloved Phillies through good times and bad, are playing like shit. Right now you are playing like all of the wind in your sail has been fucked away by the mounting DL and that you're forgetting that you still more talent in your banged-up line-up than most team could ever fucking dream of having in their uniform. In other words, you're playing like shit.You're just going to have eat your shit sandwich just like the rest of us. 

 Players before you lucky enough to wear the P copped much worse shit than a few taunts from frustrated patrons in the front rows behind the dugout. They probably weren't even real fans anyway, look how fucking close they were sitting. Someone's rich daddy probably let daughter Sally's frat-hazed johnny-come-lately boyfriend have his corporate season tickets for the night and Thurston didn't get what his spoiled worthless ass wanted. You got razzed by someone who doesn't care about the game.

The real fans are in sections like 416, 330, and 136 where my family's season tickets are. We've had season tickets since I was 3 years old and haven't missed a year since. I don't know if you know this but we only have won 1 World Series in that time period. Still, every year my dad ponys-up and gets 17 games just as easily as he did the year before. We started in section 316 at The Vet and haven't looked back. When I move back to the Philly for a chunk of time I'll be getting my own section, probably in the bleeders, but I will love every fucking minute of every exciting, shitty, garbage, exhilarating, unforgettable, putrid, worthless, legendary fucking game played on that field. Really, it's killing me to be down here in Australia missing these games even at our darkest hour. I would love to be at any of these losses.

 We, the real fans, have to air these grievances or they will build up inside of us and turn into some much more detrimental to a sports team and it's fans; resentment. We're gonna bitch, we're gonna moan and we're gonna ride your ass when your down. That's just what we do, we're Phillies fans. It doesn't mean we're not gonna be there for you. If the seats aren't full every night, fuck it and fuck the shitheels that showed up to party with the winning team. Those pieces of fraudulent shit will fade away and find interest in something less meaningful like golf or cocaine or children. The real die-hard motherfuckers will still come and we'll still bag on you lazy cunts for not hustling and flushing your potential down the fucking drain.

Go play your fucking game and take your boos and bleeps like a man. We're still fucking here with you, Shane.



  1. and if anyone has been quick to forget what happened the past two years it's shane and the rest of them. no hustle, no heart, bad mistakes, yeah its only the half way point to the season, yeah there are some injuries, but if anyone looks like they've thrown in the towel its for shit sure not the fucking fans!

    just watching the braves and their excitement in beating us, their excitement in the dugout. where is that excitement in our players? i haven't seen it. even when we have won.

  2. I hear what you're saying, but I'm actually glad Shane said that stuff. Give him credit for having far more heart than most of the bums who have passed through this town over the years. When I read what he said, it actually gave me hope that this team isn't as mentally beaten-up as we've all been suspecting.