Friday, July 2, 2010

July 1 2010 PHI v PIT Game 1. Up The Stern Again.....

Well, fucking Followers, there really isn't much I can say about this fucking dogdick-sucking buttfuck-fest that I witnessed last night on the computer at the library at PNC park. A 2-3 loss to the Pirates and our only runs were scored were a solo shot by none other than Wilson Valdez and an infield error allowing Greg Dobbs to reach and knock in Victorino. All this off the formidable Daniel McCutcheon and his 11.0 ERA coming into this stupid game. So many fucking things wrong with this picture. Man, it's must be a good feeling for any team in last place in their division to know that we'll bend over and take it like sissies for them the second an ounce of team moral is diminished by our mounting DL. Hamels pitched like a girl again further proving to be the Tinman. 3 runs to the Pirates is embarrassing. 2 runs against the Pirates is worse. I'm sorry, they're just a shitty team this year. What the fuck are we doing out there laying down for them? We might as well take hammers to all of our thumbs if this is the childish way we're gonna go about playing without Utley. Fucking put in Gload, Valdez, Sardinha, Sarge, his boy Obama,Wheels, his boyfriend, the Bat-Boy and one of those sexy ball girls from South Jersey for tomorrow's starting line-up.

At least the mets lost a one run game to the Nats in the bottom 9th. That makes our blow feel akin to a scolding Rhino-cock up the ass instead of in the mouth.

So many bad omens.....Choochie still getting his dome looked at for the concussion, Chollie getting fined and suspended for a game for his fucking brim touching that douche CB Bucknor's stupid forehead. I just hope we don't get a case of last year's mets. Tighten you belts and fucking let's play some real ball, men! I'm counting on you. What else do I have in this worthless life?

Today I received and email with this video attached in response to the way I speak down on the Phils when they perform poorly. I would like my friend here to understand that when you play like a little asshole I'm going to call you out on playing like a little asshole. I still love the Phillies but I have a paternal way of expressing it. Please take no further offense to my tactics of criticism and please cease the youtube upbraiding.

Fuck the ha-ha funny stuff for today. I am shitty with pain and anger. Fuck new york in the ass and fuck on life on earth for today. If we do not destroy tonight I will fucking commit a hate crime. 


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