Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 30 2010 PHI v CIN Game 3. Another Wasted Start

Is this some kind of fucking sick joke? Really, what the fuck is going in here? Another Halladay start flushed down the drain because the only person that can score any runs is a back-up catcher non-roster invitee? This is actually getting to the point of absurdity. Here comes one of my bullshit rationalizations but perhaps the Phils feel so confident in Roy's ability that they think that cruise control is an appropriate option. 4 runs given up by a start isn't exactly a quality start but it sure as fuck isn't a shitty one either. There has to be some complacency in the minds of the offense to feel that 3 runs is all you need to beat a team with this guy on the mound. Sure in this instance Roy gave up a totallyl bullshit homerun that cost us the game but still that doesn't justify these numbers. Runs allowed, not earned, in Roy's last 5 starts: 18. Number of runs scored against opposing teams in Roy's last 5 starts: 16. One of those games we scored 9 runs. It's clear as day for some fucking reason that we go on the slack when he pitches and all I would like to see in the second half of this fucking season is the latter of those figures dramatically rise. Cliff Lee would need more. Shut yer stinkin' trap.

Also, Followers, If you look at who's scored the majority of the runs in the last 3 Halladay start you can see who's come to play,  it's exactly not the mainstays and franchise men on the roster who are flexing nuts. It's guys like Sardinha, Valdez and Ross Gload who are trying to not only break open the fucking ballgames but are trying to break out into the minds and hearts of the fans by playing their asses off, behind fucking Roy Halladay. This is how everyone should be playing behind him. Every fucking at bat you have to smash the fuck out of the ball, make Roy feel a bit more comfortable with some lead. You can relax after the game, go home and stick the wife but when this motherfucker is pitching and it's game time you fucking hit the ball.

One thing I can tell you is that Brian Schneider will not be asked back next year and it's all thanks to that little huggy Hawaiian, Dane Sardinha. No offense Schneidy, I love ya but Dane is making Howard look like a slouch out there. Every time his little fucker gets some playing time his stock increases. Big hits against Clevo and Toronto last week coupled with today's 3 run beauty are making at least one front office decision a tad bit easier.

Followers, it must seriously be my lucky week but your studly Editor has made another celebrity sighting! Can you believe it, 2 in 1 week?! This time around we have nine time All-Star and one of the all time most victorious managers in Major league Baseball, Joe Torre. In Canberra! At my gym!

He's even wearing his warm-up jacket on the treadmill. What a team player! You rarely see the sort of steadfast dedication that Torre displays these days.

We are now heading into Pittsburgh for a 4 game stand. If we don't take AT LEAST 3 games from the Pirates we are the worst team in baseball. For Christ's sake, did you hear they offered to sign some guy who ran across the parking lot at an even keel?

Until tomorrow, Followers, fuck new york and show no mercy at all.


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