Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great Moments In Baseball...When There Is No Phillies Game.

There are no words that could truly articulate the joy I felt after watching this gloriously monumental fuck-up last night unfold before my Phillies-less eyes.

The Phils are now 1.5 back in the division race and 1 back in the wildcard. Thanks, atl, for this moment of happiness in a night without Phillies.

Big John

Tonight we get the Kendrick on the mound against a dodgers with a few new yet spent faces. I'm sorry, I don't see how Ryan Theriot, the 8 hole hitter for the cubs 3 weeks ago, is an upgrade aquisition. Kinda like buying Lance Berkman to bat DH. Whatever, this should be interesting seeing as the last time the Dodgers were at CBP we kicked them out of our NL Championship swinger's party with no boom-boom, shake-shake the room. I wonder if Mike Sweeney gets a start, as well. I'm still interested in what this cat at 37 has to offer. He's got enough character, I wonder if that can translate into runs scored.

Fuck new york and go 'stros!


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