Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 13 2010 PHI v NYM Game 1. Dicked Over Again

Fucking shit, Followers.... This again? The Phils, as fucking unreal as they've been since the break, are still the only reason the mets seem to look like a decent team at all this year. I mean, fuck. Our 5th shutout to the mets, 4 in a row at citifield and 2nd at the hands of this junk-ball tossing wanker, R.A. Dickie. Embarrassing.

Cole Hamels tosses a gem and once again we can't so shit for him. What is he, Roy Halladay in June? Oswalt on the Astros? The only fucking hit we got today was from COLE FUCKING HAMELS! He did everything today...He deserves better. In his last 6 starts he's fucking received 11 runs of support. He's also not received a positive decision in any of those 6 starts. Bullshit. It's almost comedic yet I'm not fucking laughing to hard.

All disappointed rantings asides, Dickles is a hard pitcher to hit and The Phils have always been stunned by the junk knuckler. Shit.... we still got at least one hit leaving the mets with the dubious honor of being one of the only two teams to have never thrown a no-no in franchise history (Padres being the other). Nobody's gonna remember a one-hitter except for Dickie's parents, maybe. Probably not even them. No sweat of our 'sack, just gotta brush it off and move forward. Like I've said before, The Phils at their worst are still better than any other team at their best. What, are you gonna tell me it's cool to be a giants fan? SF's alright if you like art and Sierra Nevada pale ale. We've still got to surpass them in the wildcard race and while they are playing a clearly superior team in the Padres this weekend, I still fear the shut-outs will continue at citifield.

On the Broxton meltdown..........

Jonny has lost his gig as the dodgers closer, at least for now says Joe Torre. I'm not gonna quote him but I think it went something like "Did you see that game, reporter?"

Its comforting to know we're not the only team that gets this kind of asphyxiation in 9th inning situations from time to time. Whatever, no mercy for LA. Suck shit.

I got my ass-bags removed, F's. It was.....a less than comfortable experience.

I went to the doc's yesterday and was inform it was time for the bags to be peaced-out of my back. Thing were in me long enough for the fatty tissues in my ass to start fusing to the drains. Basically what happened was he ripped 7 inch tubes out of my ass and off the fat while I was conscious. Twice. Imagine ripping a tendon from a bone and then out of your skin and you have the idea of what we're talking about.  It was fucking a great time. I feel great about life. I could open a character contractor.

Pink Floyd kicks ass. They are great music to get high to and wander around your beach community development. This video is from the Atom Heart Mother tour and kicks serious ass. The longer the song the better, in my opinion. Please enjoy this video while summoning your chi at your desk.

Nonetheless, I am alive and ready to destroy the weak in about 2 more weeks. Still have a numb ass and dizzy spells. Let's hope Roy Halladay can make my 2nd weekend on my stomach a little brighter with a fucking gem of his own. Let's also hoe that Manuel's Potatoes take the night off and we break this fucking retarded shutout streak at citifield right bout now.

Fuck new york and finger new york.


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