Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 3 2010 PHI v FLA Game 1

Hello followers, the crip here with your daily Phillies rundown. Mr. John Sharkey III will most likely be back this weekend, though he is in the hospital a bit longer than expected. He has told me to inform all of you followers that he's "on lock down with tubes hanging out of his back, but fuck New York as always". This is gonna be short, as my old lady is bugging me to get on the road to Shit City, NJ aka Ocean City.

6-1, a great win for the Phillies for sure, and a win that moves them within two games behind first place. This is a  great change of course from the bullshit slide the Phils were going through just weeks earlier.  The hype was all around the pitching tonight, but that all went away once the 2nd inning started.

2nd inning started off with a bang with Francisco hitting a homer to Left fiend. Moments later Ruiz hits one same direction. Even I knew at this point this was a hitters game.  Bottom of second scared me a bit with Uggla scoring his own homer, but that was it for the Marlins. It was even nice to see Holladay get in on two RBIs. 

If this series is any indication even with all of the injuries the phils can pull out wins without Utley and Howard. Tonight i'll be watching the game with my fiancees family who are die hard Phillies fans. You'll get a better update from me then, I promise. Until then, fuck New York, fuck New Jersey, and get better Sharko. 

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