Friday, August 27, 2010

August 26 2010 PHI v HOU Game 4. Clowns And Women

Wandy Rodriguez is a mutant drongo. Kyle Kendrick is a 12 year old girl's first period. Handing anyone of of the healthy Phillies a bat is like handing a chimpanzee the keys to the Challenger. When the fuck is Ross Gload gonna be healthy again?

So, we got a man on 2nd and 3rd and no out in the 7th inning, it's 0-4 Houston. Shane Victorino comes up to bat, ready to destroy the competition. Or strike out. Weak boy. Not even a pop-up.

It's fine, we got Schneider up and a disposable out to maybe finally drive in run.

Schneider puts the ball in the air to right field. Hunter Pence, the weirdest looking inbred blue-blood horse-man, fields the fly and guns it to home plate.

Jayson Werth and his superior base-running skills charges home plate like a guido charges a math test.

Out. He can't tap dance either. Fuck this game. Fuck this life.

Swept by the astros. At home. 4 games.

Do we deserve a post-season? Do we have the mental capacity to actually be a contending force in any sort of play-off situation? Is this full strength line-up worth a used condom's worth of pud-juice? Were the Phillies better off with the Valdez, Gload, Brown, Castro and Sweeney?

Yes, yes, yes, no. I just don't have explanation. You're gonna have to wait just like I am. It's looking like it's gonna come down to the 2 braves series in September and October. Of course it is....

I got nothing left to say about these women. Fuck new york and fuck houston and fuck many other things. Still the Phillies. Can't fuck with our worst.


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