Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 24 2010 PHI v HOU Game 2. I Hate.....

                           A real man is hard to find (pictured above). I guess a fucking go ump is, too....
......every fucking person and entity on earth right now but I still love the Phillies. It makes life real.

Listen to the King Of All Sports Media, Larry Fucking Anderson, go buck on some blind dickhead here. Every one of those umpires can get attacked by a fucking swarm of cancer bees for all I care. Howard should've eaten that fucker's face off.

See yous tomorrow as usual,



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  2. jason and i were at this game. such a crazy crazy game.

    as much as it sucked losing, and we could have easily won the game if our hitters played smarter and weren't swinging for a walk-off at each at-bat, i loved every minute of it.

    the chooch bobble head rules!

  3. Manny boy,

    Even though it was a wet n wild crazy loss, I still am jealous you were there. Disappointing yes but still a raging Phillies game at worst. I kinda figured this astros series would be a dramaitc one and so far it's been anything but mild. You got to see a legendary outing.