Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chase, Worthless Dodgers, Burning Witch, The Usual

So, F's the fucking worthless dodgers give up another 9th inning lead to the knaves and Chase Utley is still waiting on pencil-pushers in white coats to tell him whether or not he can play baseball tonight. Like they fucking know anything about pressure.

Reports from Chut himself are that he's felt no pain in his right thumb swinging the bat or throwing the ball. This rings sweet to my phiathful ears. Chut played 4 games with the Threshers down in Clearwater and went 3 for 12 with a triple and some other hits. He is now twiddling both his healthy thumbs like the rest of us on whether or not he'll be cleared to help topple the giants though it could be a few more games at Lehigh Valley before we see any real Iron Man action. I think The Men can handle the fucking giants for a few days until Chase gets his A-OK.

The fucking useless 11 games back dodgers fall once again to the hands of the opposition in the twilight of a sure fucking win. Broxton replacement/imitator Hong Chih Kuo gave up 2 fucking singles and a walk in the 9th frame yesterday at Turner field with a 3-1 lead, leaving Octavio Dotel with a bases loaded situation. Thing s did not go as planned. Let's just say that ineffectual Melky Cabrera, the scrub of all the Cabreras in the MLB today, got the final axe swing to severe the head of Tommy Lasorda. Pathetic. Phils are now 2.5 back.

Thanks for all the feedback, Followers, on the musical features I've been bringing to the table in the last few editions. It's really fun to incorporate kick-ass rock n roll with good baseball talk.

After posting the Fleetwood Mac clip yesterday it was suggested to me by another Follower that I would also like these guys, Burning Witch, from Seattle. Boy, this band really kicks ass! Like hitting .378 off lefties ass. Very powerful vocals, music that sounds like John Kruk barrelling down the 3rd baseline. They even look cool, too. Like dudes I used to see down the Darby crick drinking bud. True Headbangers. It'll be hard to top this level of crushing grief. Keep the suggestions coming if they're going to be of this calibre. Enjoy!

Oswalt kicks off the Battle of the Wildcard tonight at CBP. I couldn't think of a more capable man to go into this maelstrom headfirst. Well, maybe 1 man.

Until tomorrow, fuck new york and stop the boats!!!!


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