Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 25 2010 PHI v HOU Game 3. More At-Bats Of Sadness

Well, Followers, the same bullshit happened last year. We play down to the astros just like we played down to the fucking pirates just like we played down to the cubs. Only last year this series was in Houston and we had a 5 1/2 game lead in the fucking division. Not even Roy Halladay can stop the fucking flood of dogshit into our mouths as we fall again to the team sitting at 12th worst in the ERA column this season. Not to mention they are a bunch of cheating pantie-waists. 2-3 Houston, in Philly; Our house. Not that it's his fault or anything. Last I checked 7 pitched, 3 earned was still a quality start.

The batting order continues to resemble a blind Stephen Hawking as we allowed yet another ex-Phil, J.A. Happ, come back to town and piss in our eyes. No umpiring crew (I still would seriously like to see an AIDS bulldozer take them all out) can be to blame for us to play so meekly, especially in a pennant race at a 2.5 game margin. Jayson Werth came with firepower and Polanco rolled in Halladay for our 2 whopping runs and all we have to show for it is astros egg on our face.

Ben Francisco can't take all the blame for yesterday's loss but he can take a lot. He must've been sniffing Werth's jockies or something. Getting picked off at 3rd with your thumb in your rear with a man at 1st and J-Roll ready to take aim on a pitch that could tie the game in the 7th inning is inexcusable. Weak, Benny, Weak.

At least the braves choked monumentally to the rox, giving up a game they lead 10-1 in the 3rd inning only to go down 12-10. I guess Venters rhymes with Broxton in Atlanta. That even made regular news in Australia, it was that fucking bad. Still 2.5 back and keeping pace in our own way.

Here's a video of Iris DeMent singing a song about going out into a field and talking to a dead daughter. Happy time.

This video always cheers my up, as well. Thing aren't so grim, My Followers.

Keep those loyal head up, friends. Maybe Kyle Kendrick will take some weight our shoulders.

Fuck new york and fuck Greg Gibson and fuck Brian Knight and fuck Scott Barry and fuck the other dick.


PS, F's.... It's good times.

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