Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aug 4 2010 PHI v FLA Game 2 D Brown is Your New Hero

Hello followers, I'm here is Ocean City, NJ. While I know this is a dry town, the beer is plentiful here at my fiancées family's beach house. I'm not the biggest fan of the beach, but I am a fan of spending my baseball nights with people who know what their talking about. Driving up here and texting back and forth with the big man himself, with both agreed that with Kendrick on the mound and his improvement, there's really no way we can lose. This game ended a 7-2 win for the Phils, which in turn made me a believer that with Kendrick and rookie Dominic Brown the men in red really are on fire.

Rain delay was about an hour, so I didn't miss a single pitch driving from Maryland to NJ. Game started off great with Gload hitting an RBI instantly making it 1-0, but the Phils weren't done there. D Brown, who is making a name for him self with his constancy and big plays in the clutch, drove one out for another RBI. I love watching this guy play, and while he surely has experience issues, give this guy another season or two and hes gonna be an elite player. Also his stance looks like if I tried to bat, seriously. 

While watching this game my soon to be wife decided it was time for her and her old man to attempt to pick their song to dance to, while watching the game I had to deal with hearing everything from The Rainbow Connection, to some weird version of a Wonderful World. Guess this is better than her trying to be edgy and dancing to some bullshit second rate Le Tigre song or something.  Though my cheers drowned out anything they were trying to play cause come around to top of 5th, D Brown comes through with a sacrifice fly allowing Polanco to score. 

Around the 7th inning our so Kendrick was in a jam, allowing 2 people on with one out. Kendrick is really getting better as the season progresses, but I was a bit scared that Kendrick would allow these two runs to score. 1 out later none other than D Brown ends any hope for that with a diving catch that has to be seen to be believed (no luck finding any YouTube videos, I tried). 

We padded the lead with Ruiz coming through yet again with an RBI in the top of the 9th, which was good because I knew they'd throw Lidge out there to make sure we put this game away. All you followers out there know how Mr. Sharkey feels about about Lidge, and no one in this house felt any differently. The bottom of 9th while we had a 5 run lead, I couldn't feel good about it until that bum got every single out. The dude is worthless flat out, and heres hoping to a better closer for next season.

Watching this game was a thing of beauty, and I can't stress enough how much I like D Brown. Braves did win tonight, so Phils are still two games behind. It was funny, the commentators kept talking wild card, but like my soon to be father in law said "fuck that we are going for first place!" If theres one NL team I hate that isn't the Mets, it's the Braves. I wouldn't worry too much, if the Phils play like this 2/3's of the time for the rest of the season, the Braves will be a fuckin' after thought. I'm posting this early as it's time for bed. Traveling early to go to Eagles flight night. I'll be back with game three tomorrow. Until then, fuck New York, fuck the Braves, and oh yeah, fuck A Rod....NO ONE CARES!

With my time here at Ocean City, NJ theres no better song to post than from Philadelphia's own Kurt Vile  called Ocean City. Enjoy, buy some of his records and help feed his kid

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