Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 21 2010 PHI v WSH Game 2. The Kids Doesn't Stay In The Picture

                                                                Goatees are fucking corny

So we got trounced by the fucking Nationals 1-8 in weak fashion and we didn't even get a real show. Wonder boy Stephen Strasburg turned out not to be the machine that the wide world of sports expected him to be when he left the game yesterday in the 5th inning with a strained flexor tendor in his throwing elbow. He, to that point in the game, had given up a single hit to the Big Piece before wincing in pain after  a pitch to Rual Ibanez from his 23 year old arm. This is Strasburg's second injury of the year and I gotta tell you, even if this isn't serious, it's doesn't look fucking good. Injury prone with poor mechanics is a rookie's plague but as the face of a franchise the young Strasburg is looking less like a sure thing and more like a work in progress. "You can throw consistent 100 per pitches and whiff on average 12 players per game, great! Can you stay healthy for us long enough to utilize you?" 

Kyle Kendrick's pantie-waist ways again have bobbed to the surface a bit earlier than expected. Usually we get 2 decent starts then a fucking bomb-out but by this point in the season it's seemed to go one-for-one. Kendrick gave up 3 runs, 3 walks, 2 hits on 30 pitches in the first inning alone. Not the great confidence boost a side needs to face "a phenom" after only scoring 1 run the previous night.

Kylie would go on to finish 3 more frames allow 2 more runs and then give it up to the pen for which stanched the bleeding until the top of the 9th when Chad Durbin--prone to just fucking blowing it with a deficit-- gave up a fucking 3-run homer run to some forgettable national.

The only fucking run was score on a Ryan Howard ground out to score Polanco who doubled to lead of the inning. Not fucking impress, Phils. Frustration and pain.

I really hope this is a fucking aberration and not a return to the Phamine of May/June. I can't take a pennant race dependant on Roy, Os and Cole to pitch shutouts 3 nights a week. My stomach lining is already to the barest of film. I still hold the theory that the Phils play down to certain team, the nats being one of them this year, so it really could just be a farce. I guess the true test comes when we face Houston with Blanton, Cole and Halladay. Bud Norris ain't that great and we know that J.A. Happ is only seldom capable of greatness.

F's I've just been informed that if the Phillies make the post-season, The Big Sharkey Face will be hitting the newsstands! The Philadelphia Weekly has agreed to terms with your big-nutted Editor that for the duration of the play-offs I will have a weekly column. It won't be quite as scintillating as Savage Love but at least I can keep coffee shop workers and local bands up to snuff on the happening of our fine Fightin's. Should be a hoot and I get to swear still.

Os is on the mound in a few hours and I will be awake too listen. The game's on at 3:30 am here but really what the fuck else am I gonna do? I'm an unemployed loser. Fuck new york and if any of you Followers wants to take me to a Phils game from Sept 8th on you will get your own section in that games edition. you can wirte about or do whatever the fuck you want. Seriously. You buy the tickets, I cover 2 beers, you buy more beers, you write the clog for the next day. I honestly don't give a fuck what you do.


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