Friday, August 20, 2010

August 19 2010 PHI v SF Game 3. Blues Hamels

So F's, the fucking Cole Hamels blues strikes again, at least he pitched kinda shitty last night and it wasn't another 2-hit gem wasted on frozen batsmen. What the fuck can you do? Sometimes the batters got yer number and their pitcher, in this fucking case Jonathan Sanchez, dazzle the fuck out of your wood. The Phils fall 2-5 in the final bout with the giants and what the fuck ever. It happens. Fuck it, we're sitting pretty OK at 1 game ahead of SF in the WC standings. We got the nationals and 'stros coming to town as the knaves head to Wrigley and SF head to St. Louis. Good time to pounce if there ever was one.

After last night's game I caught some of the dodgers/rockies game. I guess Vin Scully was as bored as I was with the game so he started talking about the Phils and Baker Bowl. He regaled the good people of La-La Land with a tale of Boom-Boom Beck, the Phils pitcher known for giving up the boom-boom ball back in the '30s. Lord knows he's old enough to remember, wacka wacka! Thought I'd share it with you, Followers. I really enjoyed it.

Short shit today. Speaking of shit. I think the way the doctors re-contoured my ass helps the crap tumble out of my ass neater. Ever since the operation every time I take a shit and wipe there is nothing to barely any traces of poo on my rear-hole. It's fucking crazy.

Fuck new york and Rock The Vote,  you little Aussie battlers!


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