Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 8 2010 PHI v ATL Game 2. Sometimes We Get The Chop

Alright, Followers, so sometimes we just can't get it done. Big Joe looked sharp and they still smack us for 4. Where were the bats today? Hungover on Werths's floor? You can't win them all but that's doesn't mean I have to write about it. Some days the loss is just so boring that it's like trying to find a Jew is Baghdad when it comes to putting it into sentence form. Fuck it. We're all Phillies fans here, right? Why read about what? The game sucked, we got tomorrow to win the series. Right now we can all look at the screenshot that staff contributor Scott Alberts brought to the table today. We need more assholes like this instead of grown-ass men who call themselves dj's running onto our field. 

In other news.........

Remember this guy? You know, the guy who hit the Moonshot? The guy who had all them t-shirts with his face on 'em  for jacking one off Broxton to win game 4 of the 2008 NLCS in LA? Well, that bozo Lawrence Taylor got brought on charges of sticking his penis inside of a girl that didn't want it there so Nutrisystem dropped his predatory-ass and hired beloved ex- Phillies pinch hitter Matt Stairs as a spokes model instead. Got to the website and have a peek. If you're a fatty have a longer peak and think about your future. Look how svelte this man is now! What the fuck, Stairs?  They don't got back bacon in SD? I guess he was just tired off people hammering his ass about his weight.

I'm saving the  video tour of the National Library of Australia for Monday's edition because no one read that I respect reads blog on Sundays. Until tomorrow sweet Followers, fuck new york and lose some weight!



  1. i read blogs on sundays! its my only day to sit and do nothing, drink tea and do all the crosswords in the age.

  2. Bit of a dull day down the park. The whipping winds was certainly a factor. It was obvious from the gitgo that balls werent going to be deposited over the walls, it would be a matter of who could string together line drives and find holes and in the end, the Knaves did and Phils didnt. Fat Joe did take a 1-hitter into the sixth, but he was fouled off on a ridiculous amount of times and had difficulty putting batters away. During the sixth inning this war of attrition shifted in the Braves favor as instead of Blanton missing bats, the Knaves started connecting on what may have been a gassing Blanton. No real goats of the game to speak of as the Phils just scattered their hits and never really got anything going. Even though the pitching has stepped up as of late, JC Romero is still a cause for concern as he was a mess. Thankfully Mackinin yanked him before his stint got real ugly. I think what JC needs is to pitch a bit more in low leverage situations and for him to work on his control....So, all in all, not the desired result, but one that can be sort of shrugged off. However, this makes todays game significant as I can not accept dropping a home series to a bunch of rummies like the Knaves and Hamels has to follow up his previous gem with a strong start (as in something close to 7+ IP with 3 or less runs. It is still windy this morning and its going to be a chilly day so I'll happy to watch this on the telly rather than take it in from Section 416

  3. I wouldn't call Romero's outing a complete disaster. He did log a strikeout. It may take him a few outings to get up to speed, but he'll be fine in the long term.

  4. Scott - I was down in the concourse directly behind home plate at the time and that K was gifted by McCann hacking at a way high ball 4. I am certain that if Mackinin didnt run out there with the hook pronto, that would have ended up ugly

    I would also like to thank you for providing that awesome screen shot. Its not just Vagina Man, you have the old scowling dude who looked like somebody who went to Connie Mack Stadium back in the late 60's for the sole purpose of yelling "You fucking monkey" while throwing half-full cans of Ortliebs at Richie Allen, the Charlie Manson greaseball guy, the A-Rod ex-wife lookalike and the man behind him who would love to take him on a day trip to New Hope to buy some macrame.