Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 22 2010 PHI v BOS Game 2. It Wasn't A No Hitter At Least.

Nah, Followers, I'm not gonna comment on how poorly the Phil's bats fared last nights. I'm not gonna talk about how Kyle Kendrick is making the whole "who gets taken out of the rotation when Happ is healthy?" decision extremely fucking evident. I'm not gonna go into J-Roll's grade 1 calf strain, it'll be fine, he's a fucking warrior. The only thing I will say about our appalling 1 hit game last night is Fuck you, Matsuzaka! Nobody's gonna remember a fucking 1-hitter! Good fucking work, Juan Castro! Your one hit made my day.

                                              I go pee-pee in your game

I shouldn't be so brash, he did put on a hell of a show, especially when he grabbed what was sure to be the end of his no-hitter out of the sky. A fucking bullet off the bat of the Rooster that was destined for the grass in center field and this prick just plucks it our of the air! Good for you, Dice-K. Just don't ever fucking try it again, cool?

The Death Dealer has the mound tomorrow. Let's hope our bats decide to fucking wake up and support those corny t-shirts everyone is wearing. Every 5 days is a HALLADAY!!!!!, wacka wacka wacka.... Shut up.

In completely unrelated news I'm getting sick of strange dickheads wanting to hold my 3-week old. Seriously, if I don't know you, go fuck your sister over a table saw. I don't care if you're 90 years old and full of knowledge, you're also a walking, crackling bag of disease and you scare the shit out of me! How do you think someone that's 21 days old into this shitty world is going to fare looking at your wrinkled circle of shitty parts you call a face. Just leave my kid alone.

I'll be screen printing these. If any new shitty parents are interested hit me up:

As always fuck new york and fuck off you weird random prick, go shit one out yourself.


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  1. I will be all posi and cite the good things that happened last night

    1. They were not no-hit
    2. 5.1 innings of shutout ball from the bp
    3. No injuries

    Weather permitting we have Doc on the mound, hitch is that the Red Sox counter with Tim Wakefield. The Phils dont seem to be able to hit knuckleballs and have no success against Wakefield. Maybe the game plan should be to shorten up on the swings, poke the ball into holes, draw walks and steal bags rather than trying to drive balls over the walls. Eff Boston, go Phils