Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 18 2010 PHI v PIT Game 2. The Bats Had Left The Bell Tower.

            You know you can pee on them when they are down there don't you, L.O.S.?

What a fucking mess, my dear Followers. A 1-2 loss to Pittsburgh, eeeesh. The pitchers might as well have been throwing Ambien for all I know. Yeah, Doc had his shit but what can you do when the bats are MIA? I really have little motivation to write about the game due to severe depression but I will share with you a friends insight to last nights happenings. Shortly after that appalling bore-fest I received this email from The Ghost Of Bob Ross which pretty much sums up my feelings. I warn you there is some language:


Man o man, let me tell you. I was at tonight's game and shit......It was a BUTTFUCKING FAGGOT FEST!!!! I mean come!!!! ONE FUCKING RUN!!!!!????? Fuck I'da saved a run or two from the night before to not lose against the FUCKING PIRATES AT HOME!! God, be thankful you live in Canberra and didn't go with yer mom to this jack-off convention. Fuck, Doc looked great after that one stupid run he gave up in the 2nd on 2 doubles. Their SECOND run of the game was fucking bullshit! Those soft-dick infield fucking piss-dribbles!!!!!! What the fuck? I'm sorry but if Utley needs a few nights off for the sniffles he fucking should be able to and not have to worry whether of not the team is going to turn into the Briafcliffe Father and Sons ass-stars! And where the fuck was Raul? Francisco can usually play but I guess he ain;t had shit off a run this year, the tribe played him for most of last year. ans that fuck McCutcheon got lucky with that assist nailing Rooster at home. Fuck, whatever, I'm getting too heated for this stupid fucking game. Tomorrow's a new day and we still gotta live it. 4 games into first isn't a pile of dog-cum, ya mean? I shouldn't be so un-zen in times like this, I still have an image to uphold. Jimmy looks ok back out there and Big Piece had a goo night but not shit came from it. What can you do..... Your Mom said sup to me at Planet Hoagie which was dope. She looks good and she's pumped to coem see you and The Revenge. That little asshole looks awesome. Good work. Keep banging away, I'd rather you have em than those troglodytes that you put on your blog from the Library. Fuck bro....


Ps,  What was that faggot Ryan Phillipe doing throwing out the first pitch? I don't care if he knocked up Reese WItherspoon, dude sucks. Who's up for tomorrow, your dad? SYYYYYYKEE!!!!

That's about the skinny. A Dead bat pitchers duel and lots of frustration for loyal fans. Fuck it, tomorrow we got the cubs and anyone with a brain views this week as a 4 game stand against the Central, not different teams. We can still make the best of it. I know I did. After the game I went out and bought myself something nice:

Until tomorrow, Followers.......fuck new york.........and practice safe sex mostly usually. 



  1. I watched the game at the bar with the boys. The Flyers game was clearly dominating the evening (and a fine evening it was in that regard), but the Phils were on the smaller screen with the sound off.

    I kept turning back to the baseball game, expecting good things only to find dropped throws to home and fungo hits to Pittsburgh fielders. Fuuuuuuck.

    Thank God for whisky, that's all I can say.

  2. Pretty odd. I figure the last time a Phil had a CG loss must have been Schilling. So, the bats took a day off, it happens, but it wasn't like Duke was overwhelming. Manufacturing lone runs has never been a forte of the Cholly era, and you could see that in the 9th when all 3 batters were trying to tie it up with 1 swing. But some games the bats just aint there so instead of cursing the batters, I will curse Sam Perlozzo for snuffing the Phils best shot at a rally by sending Werth home. I dunno if Milledge has a bad rep for throwing arm, but with one out and the pitcher due up it would have made more sense to hold Werth at third, signal Doc to keep his bat on his shoulders and give Vic a shot at bringing in the run. Sending him home would only make sense if there was already 2 outs. What's done is done, next Central chumps on the chopping block are the Scrubs. Go get em Moyer