Tuesday, May 4, 2010

17 Yr Old American Attacked On Own Soil Remembered

Good whenever, my salivating Followers! I bring you a special edition of TBSS to pay homage to this 17 year old brave American (frat boy) pictured above. At last nights Phils/Cards game this unruly phan stormed the field of CBP in style and cause quite a commotion apparently. I wouldn't know seeing as they only broadcasted the shot of Yadier Molina's dopey smiling mug instead of my friend up here but I have the internet so it's no big deal. After dude-man bumrushed the show Officer Friendly kindly coersed the young man onto the outfield floor with the business end of his taser. Homeboy went the fuck down! Today I'd like the staff here at The Big S.S. and all of the Followers to observe one minute of silence every hour on the hour in rememberance of the $186.50 this guys going to have to pay in court costs alone. I hope he can get the tear/piss/grass stains out of his cargo shorts. A little club soda should do it.

Kid, We salute you! 

At the total opposite end of the spectrum in Major League Fucking Baseball this faggy shit was happening:

Truly class(ball)less, Chicago.


*********************Breaking News Update!!!!!!************************

According to Philly.com, this fallen soldier has been identified as Steve Consalvi, a 17 year senior at Boyertown High School and his scholastic skills there have opened the door of opportuniy in the form of acceptance to Penn State College next Fall. Have fun googling him and making shitty comments on his facebook page. Shit, he's probably on myspace, too.

Thank you, bye-bye,
TBSS Editorial Staff


  1. Who is the emo kid at the White Sox game ??

  2. teejayhealey said...

    Who is the LESBIAN at the White Sox game ??

  3. That video is a sex crime.

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  5. Could've turned into a hate-crime very quickly.