Monday, May 10, 2010

Come On A Journey With Me

Good morning, Followers! I finally have come through on my promise of revealing the inner sanctity of my precious lair of sinners, The National Library Of Australia. A mere glimpse it may be but a sight enough to satiate the masses of you out there in Clogland. Here she is,  the crystal-clear vision that so many dream of but I get to live day in, day out. Ah, to be me......


Please take not that no weirdo or pedophile was injured in the making of this feature.



  1. Add to this the fact that there's an unemployed creep in a fedora and sunglasses walking around with a video camera to the mix and it seems truly frightening.

  2. I gotta say, the homeless porno-junkies who squat at computers in the Free Library at Logan's Circle have these boring suburbos beat. Too many soul-sucked-dry grad students on this tour. Give us the real kiddie fuckers next time around.

  3. Scott, it's pretty hard to convey just how bizarre these people all are with a hand-held camera. I wish I could sit there for hours filming them. I have a few favorites. It's really the luck of the draw.