Monday, May 17, 2010

May 16 2010 PHI v MIL Game 3. Get Out Your Brewms

Someone's screaming my name, come and make me holy again!!!! Laverne and Shirley have a lot of tears to clean up around the Brewery after the Phils complete a 3 game stomping of the Milwaukee Brewers on their own turf, leaving the Brew-crew with some serious explaining to do to their rightfully peeved faithful. Last night's loss was the Brews 8th home beating they've taken in a row and their 2nd consecutive sweep, leaving some serious questions to be answered but not by me or anyone that reads The Clog. I feel for ya but it's a show-no-mercy-world we live in. We're gonna kick ya when yer takin' your fall.

Things got started early with Victorino taking one up the middle for single, then stealing all the way to 3rd on a truly shit passage of play between Brews catcher Gregg Zaun and 2nd baseman Ricky Weeks. Shit throw, shit grab. Polly knocked Viccy in with a double into right center to draw first brew. 1-0.

Top 2nd rolls around and my boy Paul Hoover, who's had a stellar series thus far, whacks it up the 3rd base line for 2 yackity sacks. What a sub. Hamels gets his try at the plate and follows suit with a nice 2-sack RBI bash into right center scoring Hoovenator. He can hit, too, say Heshiser! 

The top 3rd was a big inning with little return. Starting the assault was Rooster Werth with a ground-rule double to right field. Pffft. Rual walks and and the big bad oil tanker Valdez get the beard hair up his ass and knocks another ground-ruler into center filed. Seriously, build taller walls. Rooster scores. 3-0. Dave Bush feels my boy the 3rd string catcher, Hoovernator, is too much of a threat and intent walks him. Weak. Hamels went down looking but we tack one more one.

Things got real quite between Hamels and Dave Bush until the bottom 6th. Hamels had passed the 5th inning hump he usually gets hung up on but still sees consecutive 2-out streaming bombs into the left field seats off the bats of Casey McGeehee and Corey fucking Hart. Seriously who are these guys? Fucking it up this year. Hamels sits down Zaun and stops the bleeding. 3-2.

Top 8th and things are getting wiry for the Brewsters. Righty Todd Coffee is brought in and gets in 2-out pickle, walking Victorino and giving up a single to Polly. With men on 1st and 3rd they bring in the lefty assassin Carlos Villanueva to deal with Chutley and possibly Big Piece. This is where the game is truly lost in my opinion. Villa strikes out Utley with a dancing curve ball but it takes a mean hop of the plate and goes well beyond Zaun's reach. Utley gets to 1st safely while Beefarino scores. 4-2. What a raw deal but I'll take it. Get in front of your pitches, brother. Also, if Chut hadn't swung it would've been bases loaded with Howard up next to strike out. I guess it was meant to be. Goodnight, Brews. Sorry boutcha.

Baez came in for the 8th and got the heart of the Brewers batting order out of the way with the help of a stellar Utley double-play and a wicked Valdez put out for J.C. Romero to take mound in the 9th and shut em down, 1-2-3. J.C gets his first save of the year! Sweep, sweep, sweep goes the broom. Cry, cry, cry goes the good people of Milwaukee which is Algonquin for "The Good Land"

What does Willie Dee have to say about all this? Let's ask him...............

Willie, how do you think the Brewers played against our boys?

Well, John, I think the Brewers depend too much on the long ball from the likes of Prince Fielder, Corey Hart and new comer Casey McGeehee while all along being stifled by a weak bullpen that quickly deteriorates any lead they can clammer together. I see the efforts made by the front office and coaching staff to bring up fresh arms from their farm system but I think Bud Selig may be SOL as far as this season goes. I also need some motherfucking pussy. I'm so horny I would fuck Whoopi Goldberg's ugly ass!

Thanks, Willie. Insightful as always!

The boys do it for our lost hero Ronnie James Dio and bring home the sweep. Tomorrow sees the men back home with the Pirates there waiting for Death Dealer to bring the evil Kyle Kendrick( yeah I got all fucked up). Until then fuck new york and have a Miller High Loife on me, yomo!



  1. The Phils just keep rolling. Hamels had a good outing after a messy first inning, but the jacks that Brewers batters were sitting on underscores the need for a third pitch(as was pointed out by Anal Hershiser). This looked like a game that the Brewers could have stole except for some poor fundamentals. Catcher Zaun singlehandedly gifted the Phils 2 runs with a poor throw on a baseswiping where Vic slipped coming out of the gate and failure to block Chutleys 3rd strike in the dirt. That and ending an inning by grounding out on a 3-0 pitch strongly suggests that the Brewers could use a Billy Martin type who will get drunk and blacken the eyes of fools who don't execute properly. That and some pitching. But, that's their problem. Big ups to our elite third stringers for having excellent series. Cholly and Milt obviously got through to Valdez to shorten the swing and stop trying to pull everything and the result is Exxon slapping opposite field balls into the gap. I will have to say I wasn't too juiced to see Romero come out instead of Jose, but JC looked real sharp and was at/near the zone every pitch. Very good news if this keeps up. 4 games up with the Pirates and Cubs coming to town. Should be a good week.

  2. The Brewers just shit the defensive bed last night. Hamels was competent, but there were some troubling moments. I'd like to think that he's slowly finding his rhythm, but I'd like to think a lot of things. I gotta second what Chuck said on JC.

    Boys looked sharp all the way around, but then the NL Central IS the garbage heap of baseball in 2010. I can't wait for batting practice against the Buccos.

  3. The Pirates are a good team for KK to get a start against. They have what, 2 bats in that lineup?