Friday, May 28, 2010

May 27 2010 PHI v NYM Game 3. Like A Witch's Tit

                      Dramatization of mets series 05/25 - 05/27, 2010. Courtesy of PPD

My family dog of 17 years, Socks, was put down yesterday. It's been a bad time around the Sharkey Household from what my father tells me. He likened it to when my brother died. My parents were devastated. I was too young to really remember this. I will always liken it to when the Phillies went 27 scoreless consecutive innings to the mets.

I'm not gonna throw numbers around like a dickhead. I know it's been a long fucking time since this has happened. I just wanted to to put that out there.

What do you want me to say, Followers? Another great start from Hamels and it's thrown into the fucking drink like a used tire. So many runners in scoring position, so many double plays. Last night's sweeping 0-3 loss to the mets is an embarrassment to any of us Phaithful walking the earth with the "P" emblazoned on our persons, I know I never leave the house unarmed.  Fuck, this stinks, they stink and I hope they get fucking booed at the airport on the way to Florida because the ones that are hurting the most won't get another crack at them until June 4th. They're making us look like fools. It's time for marshall law to be given back to the Phans. I think the team needs to know that we can hate them again, even if we don't. I know I never will. A good scolding never hurt anyone and we know Chollie's not gonna do it. Put the fear back in the stands. There's gotta be some fire put under their asses. Werth's beard removal didn't work, God bless him. Motherfuckers better get some new cleats.

                   Hey Cole, could you somehow throw them negative runs?

It couldn't be any other team to lose to could it? We had to hit this drought just in time to give the scrubs in Flushing some kind of tawdry confidence. Now they probably think they are a good team again. Shit, we could've been swept by the September '07 mets playing with these bats. It's just a case of scheduling + The Phamine. This can be shattering if we don't realize we're still the Phillies pretty fucking soon. I know it will end but the question is when? Yesterday? The day before?

I get to watch the game 1 of the Marlins series at home because it's going to be shown on Fox. I guess it's time the friendly philanderers get a day rid of my hand-muffled screams of horror. It's time to show my new kid what real pain looks like. I know you got ripped into this world with a pair of forceps, kid but that shit was peach and cake compared to baseball. We have the Fish in their house and Kendrick has the mound. I can't say I feel confident at all but a man needs hope like he needs a maid.

Until tomorrow......yeah you know where this is going.


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