Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 19 2010 PHI v CHC Game 1. Fuck, That Was Embarrassing

                                                          fuck this..........

Fuck, Followers.....I can't put into words the happenings of last night's game. I feel like the mailman's had his way with me, sexually. I love those men like brothers but that kind of weak offense ain't gonna cut it with the kind of power we're wielding. It's just tasteless. 1 run! Again? The Cubs? The LawnMoyer Man deserves better than that.! He pitches 7 with as many Ks and we're only gonna put up 1 run? Today's entry will be put simply:

Let's pound the wives and get 'em today. 1:05 game so get your story straight with the boss if you're in the place to be. Until next time fuck new york and have a bean-feast for all I fucking care....



  1. Not much to say other than you hate to see good starting pitching go to waste. I hope the Phils aren't going through one of their stretches where the bats go dead as they just can't be dropping 3 of 4 to inferior Cental chumps and I want to see a beatdown of the Red Sox

  2. Yeah, Let's hope they wake back up to finish the May Massacre. The Rsox look so unformidable that I would feel castrated if we didn't take 2/3.

  3. FUCK! So many close calls that went the wrong way. If the runner had been just a little faster, if the ball had gone just a little higher... FUCK!