Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 15 2010 PHI v MIL Game 2. Big Joe Jamboree, Wins First + RIP DIO?

Another fucking gun show last night at Miller Field. The Phils have another large-balled night with a few big innings and a few scares from the Brew-boys but walk away with a 17-hit game 2 in the bag, victorious at 10-6. 

Big Joe showed he's slowly working out of his April and catching up to the rest of the men with tonight's outing. 7 innings, 5 earned doesn't look too dapper on paper but with the big breeding stags behind you it's really all you need for a win in red pinstripes. 

Victorino went large again with a  3 for 6 night, stroking a 2 run homer, 4 RBI's and fell a triple shirt of the cycle.

Chase Utley was robbed of a homer in the top 2nd and handed some weak ass ground rule bullshit. Some days the Chut can't win.

Prince Fielder smoked on off Blanton in the 5th cutting the lead to 2-1 but our boy the Hawaiian tossed a 2 run jack like he was batting his dick in the top 6th so that made breathing like an adult again an option.

The real hot shit inning rolled through for the Fightin's in the top 7th. Fucking game was 4-2 thanks to a solo jack from Escobar in the bottom 6th and up comes my man, Paul Fucking Hoover. He wastes the ball into the left field for a double, proving his worth once again in this series, knocking in Werth and Valdez who reached on righteous singles. 6-2. Whats up. Then my man Big Fucking Joe decides to show off his man-junk and smack a single into center field moving Hoovernator to 3rd. Of Course what happens next is that Mr. Shane unleashes pain all over the fucking field with another double and just litters the place with as beer-tears. Hoover scores, Blanton to 3rd, 7-2. Polly up, slap! Blanton scores, Shane to 3rd, 8-2. That's what's up. Viccy scores on a sac fly from Chut then Piece and Werth go down to end the inning at 9-2. Oh boy, oh boy who want some Poi?

After a couple of those Brewers dudes get on base, Corey Hart plops a 3-run bomb off Big Joe in the bottom 7th fucking our lead to 9-5 but it's nothing to bitch about, really. We got the insurance pads. BJ sits down after 7 decent innings and we tack on another run in the top 8th as a result of 2 line drives from Raul and Exxon and a dbl-play sorta RBI from Hoovernator to left us at 10-5 with Chad Durbin in the 8th. Durby gets it done, in and out pretty cleanly.

                               This prick. I wonder what that ugly lady is saying to him?

3 outs left, my friends and it's David Herndon time. Well, he fucking beefs It pretty hard giving up 3 hits; a double to Jody Gerut, a  single to Gregg Zaun and a RBI double to Corey Fucking Hart. I hate this Corey, fella. Bye bye Davey, maybe next time, kid.

In a seriously panic attack inducing situation Jose, Jose Quite Contreras is once again called in only to walk George Kottaras on and whif Ricky Weeks leaving them loaded for Chris Counsell, not really a big threat but still one swing away from a tie game. At this point I was on the floor in the middle of the Library doing push-ups. I told myself I would not stop until the inning was over. Fear not, my dear Followers for my safety and of those around me for the huge Hispanic man fucking aces Counsell on a 2-2 4-seam and sends him down looking. Game over, mah! 10-6. Thanks for the fun times. Peace the fuck out.

Look, Followers.Some internet joker decided it was time to toy with my tender emotions and start a rumor that Legendary singer and The Big Sharkey Show's preference of Black Sabbath front men, Ronnie James Dio, has died of stomach cancer at the age of 67. I can't find any internet evidence truly confirming or denying the allegations,  just a bunch of dorky fucking metal websites that just teem with the smell of chronic matsturbator and suspicion. Until we here at TBSS can confirm such truths or falsehoods we can only hope these rumors are total horse shit. He's a wheel, he's a wheel, he can roll he can fucking feel!!!!!!

Until tomorrow, dear Followers, fuck new york and please stop playing games with me heart, masturbators.

Love with all my heart,



  1. Another day, another W. If you glanc#s it may not look good, but really, he is fine. Perhaps it was a case of Cholly/Doobs leaving the starting pitcher in a batter too late, but they had a wide berth to work with so no big deal.

    Sor far Ruben is looking really good in his retooling of the Phils bench as even the 3rd stringers have contributed and the only bench guy who looks useless is Dobbs. Career day for Paul Hoover at the plate, even the DP he hit into was smoked and brought in a run. Hoover also had a good day behind the plate as it seemed to me that Contreras was a bit unaccustomed to the situation he came in to clean up and was nibbling as to not leave something over the plate that would put the Brewers back into the game. Hoover, with the help of Valdez with the translation, told Jose to not sweat it and throw strikes. It worked. Very happy to see Hoover helping the team and hopefully he can parlay this stint into a backup catchers job somewhere. So, the series is taken, the Phils have a 3 game cushion and for todays game, this looks like one where he can give some of the players a day off, considering no off-day Monday and that they will be facing a struggling Doug Davis. Main thing to keep our eyes on is how Hamels pitches today. Looks like he is on schedule for a good Cole outing.

  2. shit- posting before me morning coffee..try this

    ..If you glance at Joe Blantons #s it may not look good, but really, he is fine...