Monday, May 24, 2010

May 23 2010 PHI v BOS Game 3. Halladay Not Robot, Big Fucking Surprise

You know he's not a fucking demi-god, he's a pitcher. Any ace can be slapped around no matter how many stupid t-shirts internet companies want to print up and hock to morons like me that will tell you otherwise. The mighty Roy Halladay gets lit up for 6 earned runs in 6 innings and all we can muster is 8 innings of shutdown offense to a knuckle-baller who gets less work than a Klansman at a North Philly soup kitchen. Roy Halladay can have days like this just like Greg Dobbs can have days where he goes 2 for 5 and call it genius. Yes, it was his 3rd straight game without a W outcome but it's not entirely his fault when shit happens behind him like Dobbs letting 2 runs roll between his fucking legs. It's just a bad game. All the whiners crying Cliff Lee's fair name only want to remember game one of the Series last year and neglect to recall last August. Halladay's gonna get lit up just like Lee did; they're fucking men not slogans. Take a deep breath and realize that 3.5 into first is a pretty nice place to be sitting toward June 1. Things will get better or worse but we'll all still be here, cheering or bitching. Fuck, I do enough of the latter to make my own ears bleed. Calm the fuck down and enjoy it. 

A game recap would be pointless to anyone who reads this clog but for the sake of history I'll battle though it but I'll keep it brief.

Halladay looked at medium force from the get-go, giving up a as many hits as Tim Wakefield in the first 3 innings but not having the defense to stop Sox from crossing home plate. Early runs seemed to drain any confidence from Roy and make the Phillies offense eager to swing at garbage. It was pop-up city pretty much. We didn't even get on the board until the bottom 9th from an RBI double by Raul and a 2 run jack from Ross Gload. Too little, too late but it's better than another shutout, boys.


Kevvy Youkilis had a productive afternoon, taking Roy-Boy for a triple in the 3rd and a solo shot in the 6th. After that jack 4-0 seemed like a dooming scoreline. It didn't help when they manufactured 3 more, two of which were a result of a completely retarded throw to 3rd from Castro after a single up the middle. The throw itself was fine but the thing is....there was no one at or heading to fucking 3rd. 7-0. They tack one more on in the top 8th with a Beltre sac-fly.

End result: 3-8, series to the Sox. The only enjoyable part of the game came at Youkilis' expense when he got beaned in the dome with the cut-off thrown from Chutley to third after that triple but that feeling was fleeting at best.

It's fucking balls that we hand them these games every time these fucks come to town. Fuck it, we got the day off and then the trip up the pike to Flushing on Tuesday. Maybe some road work can get the minds right and help us forget this last weekend for a few weeks until we have 2 weeks of the inter league garbage.

Now, Followers, I'd like to share some ha-has with you. I went into this joint called Wokinabox a few days ago to eat some shitty food. As I was being accosted by the overly friendly 14 year old looking 40 year old Asian girl behind the counter I grabbed a menu to make my selection a little more informed. I scanned over the choices and came across an item of considerable concern. 

Yeah, I thought maybe they just fucked up their hand menus but looked up at the house menu and what do I see? Pud Thai, a house special, a way of life. Not Pad, Pud. They really have no idea what they are shilling here. Do I really have to go into how retarded this looks? Nah, son. I'm sure it tastes very unami, just like every other ball sack I've tried.

Until next time, my dear Followers, fuck new york and fuck new york.



  1. I am in disgust that the Phillies can not take a frigging 3 game series against these rummies. Doc gets a pass but Dobbs doesn't as he brings zero at this point. There has to be some third bagger available who could field the position at a MLB level and get a hit every so often off the bench.

  2. It sucks, but I'm not panicking. I just hate Youk's cartoonish at-bat pose. I'm always rooting for him to get beaned.

    The problem with Dobbs is that there's nobody else in the Phils organization who's ready to play 3B in the show and who can hit better than Dobbs, except maybe for Juan Castro, and he's busy picking up after Rollins right now. In any case, if you look at their careers and not just this spring, Dobbs is a better hitter than Castro. It's a weak spot, but not one that's easily fixed with the weak-ass infield prospects the Phils are working with. I'm not sure if it's enough of a priority that they should be spending the money to go hunting outside the system.

  3. Ya, look who is LVs 3rd baseman: Cody Ransom and his 10 errors. I am not panicky about the Phils as far as the big picture, but am miffed at them always dropping series to the frigging Red Sox