Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 28 2010 PHI v FLA Game 1. Phinally It Has Happened To Me

                                                 excuse me, collective ass.......

Well, Followers....The Phamine came to an end with last night's 3-2 victory over the Fish thanks to a drought breaking Ibanez RBI triple and a new found aggression on the base path. It was bound to end and I'm glad it ended when it did. I don't know how many more losses I could've written about before mailing random strangers aka all of my wife's friends bag of my own shit. You know, anything to kill the depression of a Phillies loss/life in Canberra is no sin in God's eyes.

Although Kyle Kendrick almost fucked us in the ass with a throwing error to Howard allowing Gabby Sanchez and Chris Coghlan to score, the kid pitched a quality start, going 6 giving up 5 hits and 2 earned. He may be coming into his own but it's really day-to day with Kylie as the contractions every 10 days are just too far apart to go to the delivery suite. 0-2.

A week of sorrow and beaten wives had finally come to an end last night at the hands of one Raul Ibanez, driving a monster liner to center in the top 4th allowing Big Piece to score thus breaking the 30 innings of big fat fucking donuts on the scoreboard. Big Piece knocked in a base stealing Utley an inning later to tie up the tubes. 2-2. 

The game winning sequence came in the 7th with Victorino and Valdez at 1st and 2nd and Chutley at the plate.  Chut gets the 1-1 pitch and the Victorino/Valdez double-steal comes down like a fudge hammer in the Marlin's ass. Chutley lines it to Hanley Ramirez knocking in Vic for a 3-2 lead, the first fucking lead the Phils had had for almost a week. I then finally untied my wife and fed her some crackers.  2 out of 3 runs that crossed the plate were the result of aggressive baserunning, something the Phils have been gingerly at best with so far. Fightin's, please take note of this. It works.

Durban and Baez went strong in the 7th and 8th and Jose, Jose Fucking Quite Contreras put a nut or two in our throats but got it done for his 3rd career save. Game over. Phinally. Good work, men.

Honorable TBSS mention goes out my boy Corey Fucking Hart for smashing a 2-run walk-off smash in the bottom 9th, sticking his sausage up the mets ass last night, further proving my theory that the mets had nothing to do with the blanking the Philles had handed them. From all of us here, Corey Hart; we salute you!

Halladay's got the rock against Josh Johnson tomorrow night in what's estimated to be quite the pitcher's duel aka a boring fucking game. Let's hope the one run that scores is dressed in grey, white and red. Until next time fuck new york and LET'S GO BREWERS!!!!



  1. When Rauuuls liner found that gap and rolled to the wall the bar I was watching the game in erupted like it was J-Roll in NLCS game 4 and when Howard lumbered across the plate the patrons gave a standing O out of relief rather than sarcasm. So, all was good. KK did well except for the ridic throw that cost 2 runs and the Phils finally started utilizing their speed. Another nice job from the BP A-team, even after a couple of jackasses got on I had confidence in Jose. The BP has been a component that has been reliable. Now for tonight, if the Phils revert back to dead bats they have an excuse due to facing Johnson so I hope they keep the gameplan of scratching a few runs and letting Doc do his work

  2. Another note: Is there anybody in MLB who is taking as brutally hacked ABs than Greg Dobbs? Holy shit him and his 3-4 pitch strikeouts are heinous. The Phillies have never figured out that bench guys are pretty fungible from year to year at the plate and that you should never award a good year from the bench with anything more than a contract for the next season