Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 29 2010 PHI v WSH Game 3. Pine Lined With Fine Wine

Fuck, Followers. If this is the type of shit we're gonna be treated to by our bench-riders then they might as well open up a fucking BBQ restaurant as an outlet to serve their large-testicled ass-beatings cause they certainly ain't getting enough field time under Chollie. A 7-1 fingering as a result of 2(two) jizzjolts from Benny Fran and solo shots each by Sweener and Mayberry jr was on the menu last night. Do you like my shitty food service metaphor? Neither do I, it's shit. Joe Blanton might, he's a big fella with a big sack of stuffs for the opposition as displayed in his performance, as well. I really hope I'm worrying for nothing about next week. I guess it's just fucking jitters, the same I've had for the last 3 years.

What's up with fucking Ben Francisco? What the fuck did I say yesterday? The grass, the dirt, the ball, the bat, the look, the touch and feel of Satin all miss this little non-Latino-with-Latino-named motherfucker. My friends at Utley's Corner posed a question that's been rolling around my stupid head since the end of last August; How many other teams would be boner-up to have him as a starter? He hits well, he's great defensively, he's adorable. What the fuck is the problem here?

Now, I'm not saying that we should dumped anyone for him but the situation in which we are missng a starting outfielder is about to arise next season with the imminent FA walking of The Rooster. We know he's not coming back so that leaves a big hole out there on the green part of CBP. Ibanez, the man you all wanted sacked in June, is Phucking tits again and ain't going anywhere til at least 2012 so he's cool. I don't see Fryin' Hawaiian going anywhere and Dom Brown--as awesome as he's been for us as a benchy-- will most likely not be starting next season. Ben Franscico starter or Ben/D-Bro duty split? The latter seems more likely where as the former would be a hindrance to young talent. John Mayberry jr seems too raw to give anything more than a September call-up so we can leave him gestate for awhile....

I'm rambling. My point? We'll be just fucking fine is Werth walks. Not that I wouldn't have him back. We'll be just Phucking Phine. Ben Franscico, your efforts and talents do not go unnoticed around these parts. TBSS has saluted you and will continue to Phucking salute you until you're starting for some other gay team. Until then, you're cool.

How about Big Joe getting revenge for his last start against these national pricks with a little 1-run bewdy? He's been making a strong case for a 4th post-season starter if the need be. What more should you expect from this man? His mandatory 6-7 and no more innings have been getting sharper as the season wears on, his injuries have obviously finally healed and he's swearing more at umpires. Man? MAN. Give him the ball if we're up 3-0 on the reds in a series. Phuck them all.

Check it out, even in Ireland they know what's what:

Ok, I guess I have to punch more fucking potatoes down my fat face because my extended family here in Waterford refuse to let my bowels be. I really have no time to even fucking write The Clog with all the food and straining to understand words. Tonight the Phils have a breather so I may take one as well. I know the editions have been suffering but have mercy, I'm a travellin' man by force of hand not choice. It's a fucking arduous test getting this shit done with the slipshod, Keebler elves style internet offered on these shores. And what the fuck can you really say about the last week of the season? Yes, I'm excited but I'm also bloated. Whatever, this is still the best read on "the net" Phils-wise. Piss on everything else. I have to go, my mother-in-law is screaming and it's food time again. Phuck me.

Anyways, fuck new york, let your dog shit on them. 95 wins, motherfuckers.


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