Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 25 2010 PHI v NYM Game 2. What Phucking Ever

Motherfucker. Though, what the fuck did we expect, F's? Did we really fucking think they'd win every fucking game for now until November? Well, yes we did. That doesn't mean it was gonna happen. But to go down like we did last night to the fucking barfbag full of used tampons they call the new york mets. One shittily pitched inning and one botched dp ball and we're up shit crick with a piece of petrified dog stool for a paddle.

We fucking sure as hell can't pin this loss on Kyle Kendrick. Motherfucker looked like his middle name was Roy for the first 6 innings. Working quick, getting ahead in the counts. Not taking shit. Manly man. It all just went to shit, what can you do when everyone's hacking at the plate with clinch fever. Just too anxious and too complacent. It's not KK's fault we only drove in 2 runs with 1 hit. He didn't miss and inning ending dp ball, Howard did. He didn't give up a bases-clearing double, Durbin did. It wasn't Kendrick who brought in the White Flags from the bullpen. Poor and complacent defense killed Kyle's campaign of domination.

But you know what, Followers? Who gives a Phuck? Our magical numero is still 2. The sky is still blue. The birds are still fucking in the tress. We were going to lose a couple of these games, it's not fucking Greek yogurt it's baseball. Take a deep breath a realize you're a Phillies Phan. Life is good.

Cole Hamels takes hill in Philadelphia just about the time Livan Hernadez takes mound in DC. Today could be the day or it could not be the day, at least we've got the odds in out favor.

I'm going to start drinking now. Fuck new york and do something nice for neighbor like trim his hedges or fuck his wife. Suckinonachiledog.


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