Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 11 2010 PHI v NYM Game 2. Too Feminine Too Late

Shit, Followers. I can't rant to vigorously about this fucking game, we almost mounted a full-scale come back in triumphant glory. Almost. That will not work in this month and we all know it. 3-4 loses to scum of the earth are loses that should not be fucking happening at this point in our season. With atlanta beating the worthless cardinals like the underachievers they are we have zero wiggle room for pansies.

Kyle Kendrick. Pansie. Our fucking line-up for the first 7 innings. Girls. Jayson Werth. Either high or a total fucking pansie. You want a surefire way to kill a rally? Here's what you do:

Get seriously mometum with runners on base. Give Jayson Werth bat. Say "Go hit!"  Rally over. Corkscrewed into the ground like a lazy suzan.

Romero called in with bases loaded? What are you fucking drunk, Choll?

Fuck it, Howard tacked on w more ribbies and Sweeney and Gload came through with bit hit that make me glad they are alive and on our bench. Fuck it.

I,m about to leave for flushing now. The Lions Den. I'm sure it will be filled at least 45% with our people anyways, it's not like the mutts supporters enjoy baseball. You'll be getting full updates from the hateful man in red himself. ME. That is if cellphones fucking work in flushing.

Fuck new york and GO PHUCKING PHILS!


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