Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 3 2010 PHI v MIL Game 1. Bitchin' Blanking Bingo

                                         Someone's growing a beard ooooooowwww

It seems that Cole Hamels has just figured it out. The Phillies are not going to fucking score dick for him. It's a fact. Fuck it, not much to worry about when he's throwing fucking spectres at his opponents. Another 1-0 decision is indicative of this sentiment, continually nailing more and more nails into the coffin of whiny, vagina-mouth Hamels of 2009.

3 fucking hits in 7 innings and fucking sinkhole in the run box. I think maybe 2 opposing runners reached scoring position all fucking game. I really have nothing more to say without sounding like I'd enjoy corn-holing the Californian. Come on, I'm an east coast boy!

The sole, lonely run came from, of course, the bat of the little Panamanian ripper. In a most unspectacular display, Chooch grounded out bringing the Hawaiian home. I guess that'll be all.

In an unusual turn of event, the Phillies have fucking one (not that weird) and the braves have fucking lost. That's 2 days in a fucking booyah row. That game of copy-cat was wearing thin for supporters of both sides  and I couldn't be more fucking hard to see it going our way for the time being. I'm not gonna harp about it because every fucking time someone say anything about a "great opportunity to pounce" or "a time to really put the foot down" some fucking stupid dickhead shit goes down and we get fucking flogged. Fuck it. All the Phils gotta do is put their head down and destroy. Fuck the races, we gotta kill all weak cunts that stand in our way. Pretty simple battle plan.

Tonight I'm going to a Aussie Rules play-off match between the Western Bulldogs and the scum of the earth Collingwood Magpies. My team, The Mighty Carlton Blues, are playing in Sydney this weekend against the weaselly Swans; a feminine side of wankers and drongos. I've really learned a new fucking language.

To fully understand the kind of cretin that calls itself a Collingwood supporter I've included a very convincing piece of evidence that leads to my opinion of their ilk. Subhuman. Please watch in fascination at the lowest type of carbon-based life from on vivid display.

Tonight Halladay is looking to "return to form" Bullshit. Motherfucker is looking to maim at will with the fiercest of ballbag. Top Bloke. More Aussie speak. Gotta purge while I'm still on the Island.

Fuck new york and GO FISH!


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