Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 8 2010 PHI v FLA Game 4. Daddy's 2 for 2

First off, Followers.... I'm sorry for the late edition. After I got home from the game last night my wife and I had the daunting task of reacclimating a 4 month old to a 14 hour time fucking zone change. We are shiny happy people today, let me tell yous.

So, it's another game for Sharko and another big W for the Phils. This time instead of the supervision of an adult, my main man Chuck Meehan along with 2 of my best mates accompanied me to the slaughter. Originally contributor Scotty was to attend as well but instead he opted to perform his dance routine at one of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival's many venues. For those of you who don't get down verbally with the arts and culture section this equates to something like instead of having sex with a woman he went to a knitting circle. Too bad, he missed a ripper....

Cole FUCKING Hamels and the boys were hot,hot,hot like Buster Poindexter in the series finale with the fish. Cole continued his fucking hate-march of dominance with an outing becoming all too common and nonetheless fucking brilliant. Another 7 inning scoreless flaying with (for fucking once) a heap of run support to throw on the sex fire. He was fucking filthy. Like a little piggy with a hell of a sack and arm. Clearly a lopsided match-up if I've ever seen one as the florida starter, Andrew Miller, was beaten to a pulp by our superior powerloads.

Ryan Howard had one of those nights that for puny humans like us would be akin to getting blown and then having free basket of fries placed in your hands. A 3-run smoker the opposite way in the 5th inning along with his other 3 RBIs pretty much just fucking roasted those fillets. If there is any doubt in the feeble minds of the naysayer virgins about Big Piece's fucking timing after the last 2 nights of dominance then I don't know what to tell you. You probably would only be satisfied if Piece peed in your mouth while your parents watched. You freak. HEEEEEEEEEAT!!!!

I think its worth noting that every Phillie in the line-up last night had at least 1 hit. Hamels had 2. They piled on 10 runs by the 7th inning in a show of wild stallion-esque insemination.

Not all was fucking peachy, though, F's. J-Roll was pulled from the game with apparent hamstring soreness and one of our farm system pitchers and hopefully my new garbage man, Nate Robinson Robertson, gave up fucking 5 runs in 2/3 of the 8th frame. The former is being written off as dehydration not fit for worrying while the latter is being written off as a lose leader. I haven't heard a "hometown" pitcher get roasted so viciously with boos in a long fucking time. Good for him. He fucking stunk. It was like watching a pillow case trying not to get defiled by Mike Tyson. David Herndon finished off the bummer buttfuck 8th by tacking on one more run to make mincemeat out a fully comfortable lead.

Chollie finally had had enough of this horseshit and brought in Ryan Madson to get the fucking job done and...... he did. Again. Champion. 10-6, Phils. Series taken. Season series win for the Phils against the fish. first time since 2006. Booyah.

That's all for today, F's... Daddy needs a nap. Mommie does, too. Fuck new york and LET'S GO CARDS!!!!! Beat them wife beaters.


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  1. I really shit the bed by skipping this one. Fuck my life.