Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 27 2010 PHI v WSH Game 1. 21 Clinch Street

Phuck everyone right now. This is our time to shine, to spray shitty sparkling wine all over one another in sexual festivities as the Phucking Phillies seal the deal on their 4th consecutive division championship with an 8-0 bashing of the gnats. After all the fucking bullshit injuries and naysayer and braves hype we Phucking walk away 5 days before the end of regular seasn play with a flag in our pockets, ready to destroy. A 2 hitter, Roy, are you shittin' me? If anyone has doubts about this man's ability to kick the bull in the dick in the clutch you might as well just fucking lop your cock off right Phucking now. The Men bash and bash away and behind it all is his fucking evil assassin.

Oh yeah, it was also this mean motherfucker's 21st fucking W. If they don't deliver the Cy Young to this man inside of Anne Hathaway's vagina this world is thee most fucked.

My life has seriously turned into an endless cycle of planes, bitchy 57 year old stewardesses and sleep depravation. I am now in Ireland on 30 minutes sleep being ear bashed by 30 new relatives. Please forgive my brevity on such a joyous occassion, Followers. I think we all deserve a Phucking rest. Back to the play-offs we go.


Fuck new york and sleep well, Phriends. I will have more detailed descriptins of my assholish exlpoits and this place caled Ireland tomorrow. Expect Joyce-like eloquence, F's.


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