Thursday, June 10, 2010

Like Tears In The Rain

Last night's game against the fish was rained out and the rain kept falling from the eyes of Flyers Fans everywhere. The Fly Guys gave up the fight for the cup at The Wachovia Center last night to the Chicago Blackhawks in a 4-3 loss in OT. I can see how they lost the game seeing as they didn't actually start playing until halfway through the 3rd period but it pains me to see Philadelphia come up short in any championship. Well, The Union can go fuck themselves because any championship they win will mean nothing because this isn't Spain or some other country that likes to watch girls flop on the ground holding their shins. Only nerds care about soccer in America so tick them off the list of Philly teams that matter. I'd rather watch the Philly Wings......

To the Flyers, hell of a season, men. Play like this next season and there is no question that you'll be drinking Kathy Romano's breast milk out of the Silver Chalice. Fuck Chicago, let 'em have their little cup. The Cubs will never win.

Tonight we got Halladay and Johnson, again. Again. Fuck new york and win Arizona.



  1. you'd be singing another tune if you went to a union game sharkey. it's actually pretty entertaining. i hate the MLS but shit at least the union don't play like a bunch of pussies. they may not be all that great but they do love to fuck other teams up.

    ¡Viva España!

  2. Well done to the Flyers for making it as far as they did.

    The only soccer player I can stand is Vinny Jones.

    Somehow, one of the hooligans got onto the field without security noticing.

  3. cantona kicking a fan in the stands is pretty awesome as well...