Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 15 2010 PHI v NYY Game 1. Ace In The Shithole

Well here's an interesting change of topic, Followers! Today I don't have to deride the batting order to achieve some tawdry form of satisfaction from one of the most depressing games viewed by these eyes. Roy-boy Halladay got smoked and by a familiar enemy, McDonalds. 3 fucking home runs, the first time Halla's gave that many up since Aug last year while C.C. Sabathia walks away with 7 Ks, 5 in the first 2 innings. A truly piss-poor showing from a man who is supposed to be carrying the shit-hitting boys on his shoulders comes at one of the worst times in the season. Of course it's gonna happen now, it's inter-league time! We have to stink it up, last year we had a 4 - 17 stretch in June and who wants to break an honorable tradition? Doesn't mean I wanna watch it. I honestly wanted to vomit when Brett Gardner tripled in the 2nd and then to watch that fraud Swisher homer... the look on Roy's face after that broke my heart. Teixeira also hit the weakest home run I've ever seen hit in any major league park in the bottom 5th rounding out a nightmarish series opener. Tough day, tough shit but it's not the end of the world, Roy, it just June. Maybe tomorrow someone will slice both of Swisher's achilles' with a broken Yuengling bottle out of respect.

I like what Chollie did today moving Utley into the 2-spot. It seems like he may actually be a bit more effective there but I guess you could call what Stephen Hawking does for cross country skiing effective in comparison to what Utley's been batting in the 3-hole so any change is good.

It was almost like old times in the top of the 4th with the top of the rotation all reaching and Werth, Ibanez and Francisco all knocking in runs the small-ball way. Sure Sabathia forgot to cover first when Francisco grounded out allwing Howard to score but who's asking?

Call me a homesick sap but I've really been missing Philadelphia lately, especially black people. If this fucking joint pictured above was in America and in a comparable neighborhood it would be called "Liquor Store". As much as I enjoy laughing at retarded store names like this, the whole "asian" thing is getting really boring. I get it, you're quiet, you drive shitty and wear ridiculous clothing. I accept your right as a human being to do what makes your heart content and roam freely across the earth as one of God's beautiful creatures but fuck, will someone just shoot somebody for Christ's sake?

Tonight, my loving Followers, brings another scary situation with Kendrick taking mound in the bronx.  I honestly don't know what the fuck could possibly go further down the drain so I'm not too disheartened but I'm sure as hell not fucking HAPPy, hahaha! Get it? See what I did? Just like a fucking sports writer with no lead in the pencil, I made a boring pun! Fuck new york and fuck me. I'm tired.


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  1. i remember watching swisher crush homers in the metrodome against the twins back when he played for the white sox. always wished someone on the south side of chicago would put a knife in his back for his nikes.