Friday, June 11, 2010

June 10 2010 PHI v FLA Game 2 (technically). Bring Back The Boo Birds

This game was fucking pathetic, Followers. Plain and simple, no 2 ways about it. Pure and utter horse-pucky. The Phil's 7th shut-out of the season. That's how many we had for the entire 2009 season. I have no words for how poorly we used the bats last night. What can I really say? "We'll get 'em next time"? Not hitting like this we will. "Good Hustle, slugger"? No it wasn't, it was putrid. Two months ago 2 runs would NOT be a defeating deficit. This is a fucking joke and a total waste of a Halladay start. Might as well be losing 12-0 with Kendrick on the mound. Fuck, give Wheels the damn ball. What does it matter? We'll strand any man on base we can put on, no question. We could've hit Josh Johnson so I won;t make excuses. Any man that throws a ball with his human arm can be hit. Milt Thompson should ass-fuck the 1- 8 batters in the order just to cause them some kind of discomfort palpable to what I'm feeling right now.

I know, it's melodramatic. I'm venting. Please render me this meager allowance for sitting through 3 frustrating hours of dogdickin'. Now everyone take a deep breath and laugh at this funny photo of me flipping the Queen the bird. Dole bludger. Hopefully it brings you some sort of corn-flake joy. I had to visit Parliament House today because my stupid parents wanted to go on a simulation of a 5th grade field trip. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday afternoon. DOWN WITH THE MONARCHY!

Rollins please return on the fucking snappy. For some reason this team has turned into the sporting equivalent of a Jude Law movie in your absence. Fuck this. Tomorrow we head to Boston for the always dreadful inter-league stretch. Stock up on kleenex. Fuck new york and fuck every living thing on earth.



  1. Mort aux reines! Mort aux York Nouveau!

  2. Bottom of the second and it's at 7-0. Moyer might as well throw underarm for the rest of the game. Pathetic.