Monday, June 14, 2010

June 13 2010 PHI v BOS Game 3. Fuck The World Cup, The Phillies Won

I am in Sydney, Followers. I am surrounded at all times by drunk assholes who have never watched a soccer game in their entire worthless lives but now that the world cup is on they have an excuse to take Ecstasy and listen to techno all the while being just a completely poor excuse for an individual. I hope they all have overdoses.

Last night instead of being able to watch the Phillies play on Fox or ESPN, I was inundated with visions of girls romping on a big patch of green grass and every now and then falling onto the ground and crying. I didn't know that ballerinas were such talented actors. Australia were taking on the formidable German in match one of this festive event. The game was at 4am and the streets were packed with geniuses and caring individuals. I fell asleep begrudgingly and shitty that I couldn't get the Phils game, which was suppose to be aired on some stupid channel, and hoped the balcony of the pub across the street from my hotel would collapse and strengthen the human race.

I woke up the morning to a TV filled with news tickers reading things like "balcony collapses in Sydney 12 people injured". Well, it wasn't the pub across the way but it was a good start.

Then next thing to scroll across the screen was "Australia destroyed by brilliant German side, 4-0" I almost cried..... What am I, Nostradamus?

Then I check my fucking phone. Text from Cripple man friend. "O's take it up ass from Mets, Phils beat Boston 5-3"

                                                          sad princess

Today was all fucking right. We shut down that slop-princess Wakefield, Ibanez hit a 2-run dinger, Colio did good and Lidge closed it out. Another day. We've got the next 3 in the Bronx against McDonalds. Fuck new york and keep your children away from ballet classes (soccer practice).


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  1. Big big ups to Hamels who game through huge yesterday. If it wasnt ifr that WErth drop and the 15 pitch BB to Victor Martinez, he would have went 8 IP no doubt. He was at 93-94 all game and was topping out at 96. He was at his best in a game where it was sorely needed. So, please Phils, lets play .500 ball for the next week, okay?