Monday, June 7, 2010

June 6 2010 PHI v SD Game 3. BWAAAAAH, FUCK!!!!

Now that the bats have begun to swing like loggers doing God's work down in those useless rain forests the next thing on the list of things to tackle is clutch hitting. That game yesterday was fucking ours on more than one occasion but that timber went dry. Just like prom night. A 5-6 loss hurts. Not as bad as a 0-9 tarring and feathering but its still stings something fierce. The Padres can play world class small ball with the fortitude of a horny tornado so a one run downing is expected but, still, the game was handed to us and promptly handed back 4 times.

I'm gonna skip all the bullshit today but I will say that Howard hit like a motherfucker with 3 RBIs and Blanton pitched a lack luster game. Simple as that. But  neither of them lost the game. The game was 5-5 until the top 10th. It was the clutch burning out on us. I will site examples:

Bottom 7th: Brian Schnieder doubles with 2 outs, Castro up next. He whiffs.

Bottom 8th: 2 outs and Polanco lines one to left, takes first. Utley reaches on a shitty bobble by Adrian Gonzales. Big Piece, who to be fair fucked it up all day, gets a tip on the 3 strike. Nope.

Bottom 9th: 2 outs again, B-Schnide (gay, I know) walks then Francisco pinches a single and sends Schnide to 3rd. Ok. This is it. Fucking Ruiz. Landscaper Of Sanity!  Here we go. No we don't. Ground out to pitcher Mike Adams. Noper.

Bottom 10th: The game is now 6-5 due to a badly played ground-out to Exxon Valdez, an easily attainable deficit, and we have 1 out. Polanco walks and Chutley reaches on a bloop to center fielder Tony Gwynn jr who assassinates Polanco at third with a great throw, not gonna lie. 2 outs, Utley at first. The Big Piece takes aim and smashes one into right moving Chut to 3rd. Here it is......The tying run on 3rd and The fucking Rooster has the bat. It is a done deal, the 11th inning is coming. Maybe in LA. Werth whiffs, we lose. Big fucking garbanzo beans in the ass.....

There you go. Four chances to take this game and shove it up Atlanta's ass and we botched it. This is clearly the next hurdle but I still feel good about it. It was a hard fought loss. It wasn't lazy or whiny, it was just fucking tough shit. It's just one step closer to maximum brutality in the arena this roster of sick fucks was made for. Some bitchy girls that write for certain Philadelphia publications will still bitch that our bats have not returned but I think it's just a way to justify impotence. 11 runs in 2 days. We're almost there, almost China. I understand that Chase Utley hasn't had a .267 shit average at this point in the season since 2004 and many speculate that he is hurt but we can only jibe. It'll iron out. Tomorrow we got Hamels on the mound and a chance to take 3/4 from the Pads. I want 3/4. We need it!

                                                     these faggots.......

The Flyer got tanked by Chicago last night much to this man's chagrin. Whatever, Chicago ain't ever gonna get a World Series win or anything but I still want that fucking Cup. Pronger and the rest of those fucking criminal deserve it more than anyone drunk or rich enough to play the sport. GO FLYERS!!!! I'm kinda drunk right now.

It was my wife's birthday last night. Here are a few choice snapshots of the kick-ass party!

Needless to say I am still fucked up. Time for bed. Until tomorrow fuck the mets and  fuck the braves.


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  1. This went down a bit better as the Knaves went down, but gripes nonetheless. Why was Gwynn IBBd? Because Cholly always goes for the righty faces righty bs, even though Gwynn can't hit either. That or does he presume that opponents pinch hitters are as useless as his? The game ending fly-swatting by Werth sucked, he pulled off on the high heat like Burrell at his worse. Walkoff jacks are thrilling but poking a hit somewhere would have been sufficient. And foremost: its time Blanton got his shit into gear. Okay, I hunch that Hamels delivers the goods tonight and it will have been a decent series. It would be nice going into their toughest stretch of the year by getting all pistons into gear.