Saturday, June 26, 2010

Angry Toronto Fans Protest Moved Games

Today a gaggle of Toronto Blue Jays fans gathered in a riotous assembly to protest the moving of home games from the Rogers Centre to Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park due to the G20 summit being hosted in the Canadian city. Oddly enough this protest took place really fucking close to the G20 summit itself causing Major League Baseball's commissioner Bug Selig and summit promoters to scratch heads.

I should write for OSN.

Actually this is a video taken not long ago of a group of Tegan and Sara fans who care about "world issues" aka not baseball, taking out father issues on inanimate objects with this poorly organized fireworks display. I can see now why people with any sense would not want to attend a baseball game hosted in a town crammed full of whiners and cry-babies. That is what New York was precisely designed for.


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