Sunday, April 3, 2011

Calls It A Day

Look, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet without all the mushy crap. Big Sharkey is gonna have to call it a day. I just honestly don't have time to write this silly thing any longer. This ain't Canberra, Daddy's gotta a full time job and a mortgage to worry about. Plus my terrorist son and wife refuse to let me even take a shit alone, do you think they'd let me sneak off for an hour to write about our beautiful boys in red pinstripes every night? It's just not the same anymore. 

Yes, I will miss you all, Followers. This is the sad part. But, fuck... none of you came here to be coddled. Go and start your own blog with swearing and penises and hoagie bats and intense, sexually charged wit. It's your turn to make me laugh.

Consider the Clog as the ultimate diary of the 2010 Philadelphia Phillie season. One day you'll sit down with your shitty children and read to them from the knowledge within these pages. You will make a better quality citizen by doing so. Besides, the Facebook page will still be up to use as a bathroom wall.

So, for the last time.... fuck new york and GO FUCKING PHILLIES!!!! 2011, baby. It's gonna be a great year. OK BYE-BYE.



  1. Yeah for the all wimpy man hating we've come to know and love from the ultimate dude stick. You will be missed and your a pussy for giving up, but I understand. Maybe we should all take over? I was so stoked to see who would get the Hoagie of heat? Howard, Francisco, Rollins, or Mayberry? fuck, Can we at least get some quarterly updates?

  2. you could always keep it going but maybe drop the standard of writing to the level of Mike Sheehan.
    I'm gonna miss ya ramblings but I just wanna say
    Phuck the Yankees Phuck the Mets, Phuck Brian Wilson an his collection of over-trimmed beards and GO PHILLIES

  3. Hey, quarterly updates (thanks ryan)!! That sounds doable! :-)